29.12.2015  Hilde von Balluseck

Digital Education and the art of living

Digital education presses forward in all areas, even among children in kindergarten and primary school. Did you know that kindergarten kids also enjoy programming? And especially the fact that they are able to learn it?
At a conference I met Theodosios Sapounidis, a Greek scientist at Aristotle University Thessaloniki. During a symposion he talked about his project where children learn to program using cubes or the computer. He discovered that programming with cubes, i.e. with a kind of tangible toys, motivated children to cooperate with each other. You can read more about it here:
However the video you can watch on youtube is much more expressive than just reporting on digital education. Theodosios Sapounidis subsequently talks about how much energy he needed, how many failures he had to swallow until his idea and his project were appreciated.
His speech is a passionate appeal to all of us not to be easily discouraged, when success keeps you waiting. At the same time he reminds us, that it is our loved ones who give us the strenth to achieve our goals. This astonishing video is insofar also a guide to life.
You can see the English subtitles by clicking the left icon on the right hand  side of the lower frame.

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